Saturday, November 26, 2011

23 november 2011 sonogram

All growth measurements were great!

Baby is approximately 5" long head to rump, although they won't be taking head to rump measurements anymore - only individual measurements of the head, abdomen, and femur among other things. At this appointment we could see the brain, humerus, stomach, kidneys, and lots of other good things. We didn't see anything in between the toes and the stomach though, since we don't want to know the gender.

4 fingers and 1 thumb

5 cute toes

27 october 2011 sonogram

Baby looks like a mini human with arms and legs - app. 2.5" long head to rump

Baby did a little flip. Here you can see the spine, ribs, and legs really well.

30 september 2011 sonogram

I'm going to post all our sono pictures so they are all in one place and we have a little digital journal that we can print.

Baby looks like a gummy bear - app. 1" long head to rump

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

first post on the new blog

we'll soon start transitioning over to this new blog so we can keep family and friends updated on the growth of the baby. hope you come back soon and visit often. happy tofurkey day!