Saturday, June 30, 2012


Thank you all for your prayers. Below is the email update my brother composed last night after her surgery.
Update Friday June 29
A. My Mom
Thank you all for your prayers.  She was transferred here to University of Miami hospital next to Jackson Memorial Hospital Thursday night. They did a scan and decided to operate as soon as they could, to remove an abscess that they saw.  They operated around 11 am this morning (Friday).
Diana and I rode down in the elevator to surgery with her, and Nico was there too, so she was able to see Nico.
The surgery was to remove the abscess from her neck and put in a splint to drain; and to drain excess fluid in her chest.  The surgeon said that there was a good deal of puss in the neck and they removed it all and flushed it until it was clean.  They also drained a good amount of fluid from her chest.  The doctor said that she was expected to get worse before she gets better, as she will be fighting off infection, recovering from surgery and then her esophagus healing.  The main concern first is making sure she fights off any infection, this is a big concern.  They will reassess in a week to see if her esophagus has healed itself; if not, they may go in and surgically repair it - but all intents, hopes and prayers are that it heals itself. Now that the abscess has been removed and excess fluid drained, it seems that she is in position to be able to recover and start to heal properly.
Diana and I saw her this evening, and she was in very good spirits.  She even had the nurse call me and put her on the phone and she asked me to arrange for an ambulance to take her back to Vero tomorrow.  If only I could... I am still nervous because in Vero Beach she also seemed better and took downward turns overnight, so we need to continue in prayer that her healing continues an upward turn.
The prayer requests of immediate importance are:
For her body and God's hand to fight off any infection completely
Her to be in high spirits and have the desire to get better
Her esophagus to heal itself
Wisdom for the surgeons and nurses
Her to be patient with where she is and to let the healing take place

B. God's presence
I believe that we saw God's presence in 3 significant ways today- in ADDITION to God's healing hand on the surgeons.
First, there is a free shuttle from the hotel to the hospital.  When we got in, our driver was playing Hillsong praise music.  He then got in and turned it up a little, and started to sing along.  Well, we received not just a little listening to praise music, but a bus of praise.  He gave a mini-sermon on the way over to the hospital for those of us in the bus.  He said that his son, Samuel, is 8 and at home recovering from a stroke- but that God is still in control and we need to praise and trust Him.  He told us that we are not staying at a normal hotel - we are staying in God's house! I had been praying for God to make His presence known - I think that He did.
Second,  my mom's nurse today was Martha.  Diana and I got her a cross (she loves crosses) and brought it to her.  The nurse said I see that you're a Christian - I am too.  She told us that the doctors were paying extra attention to my mom and that she was going to be ok.  My Mom said - I knew that God would send me a Christian.
Third, my phone has generally been working ok/ well in the hospital. When we knew the time my mom was going into the surgery, the reception just dropped- completely.  I went outside, walked around - nothing.  I was planning to text people to say that my mom was going into surgery and pray for her.  I felt God telling me - I am here, I hear you.  You don't need to "earn" my love with extra prayers - I am here.  About 5-10 minutes after the surgery, my phone reception started working again.

C. Diana and I
It is tough for us- but ok.  Nico her baby has been fantastic (either that or my walking and bouncing skills are off the chart).  The hotel is very comfortable and has a free shuttle to the hospital.  We are doing ok, considering.  To me, to think that God loves us more than I love my Mom, is so amazing that it is simply overwhelming.  Overwhelming.  To understand God's sovereignty, God's love, and balance that with the concern of a son/ daughter, is very difficult.  But, we believe and stand on His Word that He is on control.

D. How you can help
Most importantly, prayer - the points above/ others that come to your heart.
I think it will be good to have her in good spirits.  If you could email me at any pictures that you have with her having fun; pictures of Tucker (her cat that she probably loves more than all of us); a short letter that you want us to read to her; even post a video to youtube that we can play for her. Basically something that Diana and I can share with her.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Please Keep Praying

The good news is that they think they know where the issue lies. In short her esophagus was punctured while being intubated.

The bad news is that it is very serious, infection risk is high, there is still air in tissues it shouldn't be in, blood in her lungs, she still has pain, among other things. She can't have anything orally - it is all through IV. They are transporting her to University of Miami tonight or tomorrow to see more specialists. Some sort of additional surgery will most likely happen. Stint to redirect the saliva or whatnot. Nico and I are flying down to FLL in the morning. Hopefully we can get there before surgery takes place but we don't arrive until the afternoon so I'm not sure.

Please pray for my mom obviously but also for me cause I'll be flying solo with the baby. If you're around Lawrence please come help Jason with the garage sale and/or move - Nico and I might not be coming back.

In other news, Nico got 6 vaccinations today. It's tough being 2 months old!

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Special Prayer Request

Please pray for my mother today. She had surgery this morning and there were some complications and she is in quite a bit of pain, especially when she breathes. They have called in some specialists to do additional scans and see where the problem lies. Thankfully my brother is in FLA with her right now and able to be there. She'll be in the ICU tonight and at the hospital for at least a few days.

10 Weeks Old

Growing like a weed!

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Happy Father's Day and 2 Months Old

Lots to celebrate all in one day!

A wonderful man, loving husband, and patient father. Plus the little girl who made him a father and has already stolen his heart. Can't believe she's two months old already.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Monday, June 11, 2012


We have signed a lease and have a place to live in Islamorada! We are very excited about getting back to FLA after being away for 8 years. It makes it even more exciting (for me, anyway) to raise Nico on/near the water. Watch out FLAKEYS, the newest beach babe will be arriving soon.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Napping with Grammy

Whose naptime is this anyway?

Meeting Uncle Russell

Q: What are we going to do all day, just sit around and stare at the baby?

A: Yep.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Monday, June 4, 2012


First swim in the pool

First swim in the ocean

Headed back to FLA

Looks like this will be our new home as of 11a tomorrow, set to move soon. We'll work on getting pics of the actual place.

Hopefully soon we'll be Flakeys! (Florida Keys residents)

Wanna come visit??