Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Happy Second Birthday! (April 17)

Happy birthday to Nico! We had an exciting morning of opening birthday gifts at the house, her 2yr check up, and out to lunch for her favorite food at Ethos - mac n cheeze n peas... Plus a slice of orange cake! Yum! 

From her 2 yr old photo shoot a couple of weeks ago

Kitchen set, lots of puzzles, and beautiful pink roses special from daddy. 

Family selfie at lunch

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Thank You

To all the family, friends, and colleagues that have supported me in some way during my quest for this degree, thank you so much. I never could have anticipated how life would change for me over this past while, but I am so glad that I had positive energy around me every step of the way. Even if you didn't think you supported me in any specific way, you probably did! Thank you!

Now let's have a celebration! If you're in Florida, come over this Saturday April 19th at our place (also Nico's 2nd birthday party and our housewarming). If you're in Kansas, Friday May 16th during graduation weekend! Message me if you need the details :)

Dr. Bjorkman Wade

My school journey was completed today (April 15, 2014) at my dissertation defense. Just a few quick wording changes on my paper but I got all signatures and everything is turned in. I am officially a PhD! 
University of Kansas
School of Education
Joseph R. Pearson Hall
The room all ready to go... PPT cued and baked goods from The Merc. 
Boy did I miss these two monkeys! This also marked my first night away from Nico (and first night in a bed all by myself for the whole night!) She's a snuggler :)

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Diana's defense is scheduled!

Wish me luck, say a prayer, rub a rabbits foot for me, anything is appreciated! I am so excited and already so nervous!