Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Back to Africa for Diana

I'm headed back to Malawi with the special needs team again this year. I've mailed out support letters already and would certainly love the support - whether through prayer, funding, or supplies. The link to donate is here:

I'll be in charge of planning the Bible study curriculum for the teens and caregivers before we leave and will lead the caregiver break-out groups while in-country. I can't wait!

The Big 0-5!

Nico had a fantastic 5th birthday party at the park. The theme was mermaids (but not 'The Little Mermaid' according to her). We had a bounce house, popcorn machine, popsicles, some snacks, and two very awesome cakes from Valhalla Bakery. There were 45 kids there, plus adults, and boy oh boy is Nico one loved little girl!

Mermaid cupcakes for her birthday celebration at school

The "coolest" birthday present from Tio and Tia, her very own ice cream parlour!

Oh, just your average five (twenty five) year old going out for a walk.

Yip + Happy Birthday to Mama

Yip ate a good 4-5' piece of ribbon and ended up with kitty tummy surgery. At 12 years old she has thankfully recovered wonderfully and is back to acting like she's 10 months old.

Daddy taught Nico how to wink to say Happy Birthday to Mama :) 

Christmas Festivities

First blow dry (still no haircut)

Meeting Tinkerbell at Mickey's Very Merry Christmas

Playing Mary in the school Christmas program

Christmas card with a broken right arm

Second Broken Bone(s)

Late on the updates, but I'll post a few to make up for that.

3 months minus one day (to the day), Nico was running up and down the sidewalk after school and tripped and fell and... well, broke her LEFT arm! Same bones (radius and ulna), same break (buckle fracture), same spot (forearm). This time we went to a pediatric ortho to make sure eyes were on the right thing, and they didn't see any issues or reason to proceed with a bone density scan. All is well and healed now and she's back to her normal antics.

Broken right arm - October 25, 2016
Broken left arm - January 24, 2017