Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Group Swimming Class

Nico took part in both sessions of the baby group swimming classes at our public pool this summer. We love the teacher and were already taking private lessons from her before the group lessons started so it was an easy transition for Nico. She firmed up some of her skills but I'm looking forward to more private lessons to work on new skills and get more one on one time.

Catching Up Pictures

Hanging out with Daddy after dinner

Splashin at our local splash park before swimming lessons

Playing in the sink

This morning we have Nico's 15 month old check up. My oh my how she's changed since her 12 month one! She's walking very confidently, loves silly body humor like clapping, being held upside down, blowing raspberries, and running under my legs; says a few words; can do about 10 different signs; understands many words and performs simple commands; loves to be tickled and wrestle; continues to be Miss Congeniality wherever we are, even walking up to kids we don't know and hugging them; is very busy exploring and will barely sit down throughout the day anymore; and is learning to get her way by whining (!). I'm excited to see her growth measurements this morning too, although I don't suspect a huge change.

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Playing with snacks

Nico's trying to figure things out more and more these days... here she is taking things in/out of a snack container.

Tickles and giggles!

Click on the link to watch Nico's silly side!