Thursday, January 30, 2014

On to the next chapter

As the sun sets on this chapter of our lives we see how bittersweet it is. The end and a beginning. We're ready to move because we know it's what is right for our family and we know that this physical location wasn't the best fit for us, yet it's very challenging to walk away from so many of the wonderful people we have met here. Tears were shed saying goodbye to many wonderful friends tonight and over the past while. We will miss this time in our lives and in Nico's young life. She went from a squirmy little worm to a squirmy, confident, adventurous, charming, big worm in this house over the past 1.5 years. Rolling over, sitting up, crawling, and walking all seem so far away now. She's jumping, swimming, and talking now!

The first morning we officially wake up as residents of our new and permanent home will be Diana's 35th birthday! Exciting times ahead!

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Little fish

We sure are going to miss our swim lessons with Colleen!