Tuesday, December 24, 2013

The 5 Santas of 2013

Poor Santa, it just wasn't his year. Maybe next. 

Monday, December 16, 2013

Nico diving for a toy Dec 2013

Here's Nico starting to dive for toys underwater. She has no problem getting her face wet and as you can see dives right in herself (always under supervision, don't worry Mom!). She likes to pick up the toy, throw it back in herself, and dive again - over and over. She's a fish!

Nico blowing bubbles Dec 2013

We both love swimming lessons with Ms Colleen! Here Nico is learning to blow bubbles in the fish, she can certainly blow bubbles and is super comfortable in the water but here she is sharing and getting Colleen to blow bubbles too, kissing the fish, and saying "blow bubbles". Cute :)

Forward facing car seat

In a big move last week, Nico is now forward facing! I've gotta admit that I wasn't quite ready for this move but she was way over the length restriction on the car seat and I was alerted to the danger of it, so it was time to move. Since Jason was out of town we stopped by a fire station so they could help me move it. Here's Nico being ever helpful!

She'll still fall asleep in the car! Yay!

Theater of the Sea locals show

The trainers had fancy new outfits this year! Nico loved watching the dolphins. Stay tuned for a series of Santa portraits from this year... We've visited with 4 so far and we'll see at least one more this week. Let's just say this is not the year for Santa. Poor guy has seen her dark side. 

The busy season

Things really start picking up down here as soon as the holidays come around. We've been to holiday fests, parties, musicals, and other events several times a week for the past couple of weeks. It's a lot of fun to be outside enjoying the slightly cooler 85 degree weather. Swimming lessons are still going strong too and we're trying to get as many in before we move as possible. 
At Founders Park holiday festival
At Lignumvitae Key with friends
Baby group holiday party... There were 5 or 6 other kids that didn't fit in the picture. 
Checking out the new bike trailer which we scored for FREE!!

Monday, November 18, 2013

Have you heard?

Looks like we'll be heading back to Orlando pretty soon. We're in some negotiations now but praying everything clears up quickly and if not, we trust God to provide another home to raise Nico in. We certainly love this one though!

Little turkey


Friday, November 1, 2013

Little Cookie Monster and Japanese Tourist

Nico's official Halloween outfit this year was a little cookie monster - she had a monster snack catcher to compliment her outfit filled with cookies. Then we happened upon this kimono which paired perfectly with four cameras around her neck to make a Japanese tourist. No offense to anybody :)

Friday, October 25, 2013

18 month appointment and update

Nico's 18 month appointment was yesterday. She weighed in at 22lbs 4oz and was 33 inches long, still tall and skinny for her age. Everything went great with the appointment and she's hitting all her developmental milestones. For the past few appointments she's started crying as soon as we enter the examination room... the doc says that the smart ones do that, because they remember. She definitely knows that she gets examined and given shots when entering that room. She only had to get one shot yesterday and she won't need anymore until she's four. I'm glad we did the vaccination schedule rapidly to get that over with. Now she can learn that doctors aren't scary :)

If you've spent much time around this girl you know that she is very outgoing and can seriously work a room. We always get compliments on her social skills from other parents as their children hide behind their knees. She's become even more of a ham lately and is really watching and mimicking everything. The other day she grabbed a magazine and was sitting with it on her lap, then licked her fingers before turning the page. Then we were at a friends house and she grabbed a remote control and held it up over her head. (The way we turn on the roku projector upstairs is to hold the clicker over our heads so we don't have to climb the stairs.) She's also pointing to show us things, like in the picture below pointing out Hoppy at breakfast today. She's climbing everything and certainly thinks she can do everything and definitely tries too. She sings a lot and is starting to color and dives right into any project. She definitely keeps us busy! Tomorrow we're attending a little baby group Halloween party where she'll be dressed as a little monster - very fitting these days :)

Other pictures below - sweetly napping on the couch today and trying to walk a pug at the pirate pug themed 1st birthday beach party for one of her buddies yesterday.

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Thursday, October 17, 2013

18 Months!

A very silly and very happy 18 month old little girl.

We adore you so much, Nico!

Halloween Decorations and Skelejammies

Thursday, October 3, 2013

First Official Visit to the Zoo

And she's got the shirt to prove it!

Thursday, August 22, 2013


We had swimming lessons this morning, stopped by the library to say goodbye to someone who is moving, had a nice lunch with Daddy, took a nap, and then went for a bike ride after dinner. It was a fun day!

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Group Swimming Class

Nico took part in both sessions of the baby group swimming classes at our public pool this summer. We love the teacher and were already taking private lessons from her before the group lessons started so it was an easy transition for Nico. She firmed up some of her skills but I'm looking forward to more private lessons to work on new skills and get more one on one time.

Catching Up Pictures

Hanging out with Daddy after dinner

Splashin at our local splash park before swimming lessons

Playing in the sink

This morning we have Nico's 15 month old check up. My oh my how she's changed since her 12 month one! She's walking very confidently, loves silly body humor like clapping, being held upside down, blowing raspberries, and running under my legs; says a few words; can do about 10 different signs; understands many words and performs simple commands; loves to be tickled and wrestle; continues to be Miss Congeniality wherever we are, even walking up to kids we don't know and hugging them; is very busy exploring and will barely sit down throughout the day anymore; and is learning to get her way by whining (!). I'm excited to see her growth measurements this morning too, although I don't suspect a huge change.

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Playing with snacks


Nico's trying to figure things out more and more these days... here she is taking things in/out of a snack container.

Tickles and giggles!


Click on the link to watch Nico's silly side!

Monday, June 3, 2013

13.5 months old and constantly amazing us

Every stage of Nico's development so far has been my favorite. I keep wanting to freeze her at certain stages but then get excited about what will come next and realize I don't have control over it anyway. I remember when she started getting really "fun" at around 6mo and thinking she was already growing up too quickly, just before she was sitting independently. Then came more verbalizations, scooting, rolling to get what she was after, and pulling up. Trying foods, all new to her, like a champ. She's never completely rejected anything she's tried, apart from store bought food pouches. We still continually give her new and different foods to eat and some of her favorites are things like straight up broccoli and cauliflower, black beans (cold!), carrots, falafel, hummus, watermelon, and any grain (brown rice, farro, barley, etc.). She's a vegan baby, incredibly healthy, and is/has always been super alert and attentive. The second we enter a room she'll notice what's different. She's a people watcher and a people person. She's the kid who will go up to other babies at play group or story time and hug them with sweet genuine hugs. Other babies cringe or look away, but she'll gladly sit by you. If you're an adult and you're coming to hang out with us for more than 3 minutes in our home then you're getting a hug too. I'm still her favorite though and I'll take it :) My heart is so full of love for her, I just never imagined feeling this way about a little stinker. I think Jason would agree. Lately she's walking around so proudly and independently. She takes off by herself wherever she wants to go and gets back up after a spill. Her giggles are the best, especially the ones she makes when she either thinks you're chasing her or looks back to tell you to come on and hurry up and chase her. She's a ham and she knows it. She wakes up "talking" most days and only stops for naps! She does a great job playing by herself at different times of the day but is also happy to play with others. It's so neat to watch her interaction and development change with toys. She still chews on most things (12 teeth so far, 8 more to go) but she's started talking on the phone by holding it up to her ear (by herself but also when she hears the phone ring), putting things in/taking things out of containers or other toys,  and her newest cute thing is sharing - and she's serious about it. If she tries to give you a toy or a piece of food and you put it to the side, that doesn't fly with her. She's doing fantastic with her swimming lessons and the teacher has even asked if she can help demonstrate skills at the upcoming 2-week group swim classes. I feel so lucky to be a mama. We are both so blessed to be Nico's parents. She's going to rock this world.

Tidbit: The song she was suppposed to be born to is called For Those About to Rock by AC/DC. Perhaps not your typical birth song but it wasn't your typical birth either. The way things worked out we felt it was best to not have music in the operating room and let the doctors work in peace, but she's still about to rock, world, so watch out!

Sunday, June 2, 2013

And she's off!

Watch "Nico walking like crazy" on YouTube

It's been so fun watching Nico gain confidence with walking over the past month since she took her very first steps. From timidly taking a few cruising steps while holding onto the couch all the way to getting up and taking off in whatever direction she desires, this girl is now on the move - watch out world, here she comes!

Just a side note with her outfit in this little clip. Although I know my mother would not approve, it is most certainly a typical "we're indoors for the day" outfit: tshirt, cloth diaper, baby legs. Keeps her warm in the air conditioned house and makes diaper changes easy. Oh, and yes, she's chewing on a dish towel. She was kindly helping me throw the laundry all over the floor and picked this particular towel to cling on to today.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

On the phone already

Nico is available to talk anytime - she's really got a lot to say!