Friday, October 25, 2013

18 month appointment and update

Nico's 18 month appointment was yesterday. She weighed in at 22lbs 4oz and was 33 inches long, still tall and skinny for her age. Everything went great with the appointment and she's hitting all her developmental milestones. For the past few appointments she's started crying as soon as we enter the examination room... the doc says that the smart ones do that, because they remember. She definitely knows that she gets examined and given shots when entering that room. She only had to get one shot yesterday and she won't need anymore until she's four. I'm glad we did the vaccination schedule rapidly to get that over with. Now she can learn that doctors aren't scary :)

If you've spent much time around this girl you know that she is very outgoing and can seriously work a room. We always get compliments on her social skills from other parents as their children hide behind their knees. She's become even more of a ham lately and is really watching and mimicking everything. The other day she grabbed a magazine and was sitting with it on her lap, then licked her fingers before turning the page. Then we were at a friends house and she grabbed a remote control and held it up over her head. (The way we turn on the roku projector upstairs is to hold the clicker over our heads so we don't have to climb the stairs.) She's also pointing to show us things, like in the picture below pointing out Hoppy at breakfast today. She's climbing everything and certainly thinks she can do everything and definitely tries too. She sings a lot and is starting to color and dives right into any project. She definitely keeps us busy! Tomorrow we're attending a little baby group Halloween party where she'll be dressed as a little monster - very fitting these days :)

Other pictures below - sweetly napping on the couch today and trying to walk a pug at the pirate pug themed 1st birthday beach party for one of her buddies yesterday.

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