Thursday, August 10, 2017

Pictures from Africa 2017

Children in Mgwayi Village

Silly, happy faces

Our host family's home (very large for the village)

Lastone Jr. (translator), Megan, Diana, and our host family

Chicken and tomatoes stewing

A very proud Africa Windmill Project farmer and his wife

A farmer seeing his picture on an iPhone

Village welcome

So many beautiful babies

Kids carrying babies, a common sight

Farmer tending to the greens

Saying goodbye to the azungus

Joseph and Brian from Chitipi Children's Home

Van selfie

Faith and Memory

Faith, Monica, Linda, and Tikondane

Leah on water day

Kosolata decorating her rain stick for a skit

Every. Day. Frank.

NiceServe group selfie

Diana and Pam's caretaker group

Hati and Linda

Friend bracelets

Billy, Mary, Hati, Fumbani

Elephant Hut

Special Needs VBS team, teach team, and Malawian staff members

"Welcome Home, Mommy" sign

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